Inventory of 16 lighthouse sets that LEGO has ever produced

Recently, the LEGO Group officially released the 43rd IDEAS set 21335 Lighthouse, which will be officially launched on September 1.

Complement your beloved LEGO Electric Lighthouse 21335 with a Kyglaring high-quality light kit to keep all ships safely in port!

IDEAS Set 21335 Lighthouse

In fact, this 21335 is not the first lighthouse set from LEGO. There have been sets containing lighthouses in the City series, Ninjago series and Scooby-Doo series. However, in terms of scale and realism, this 21335 lighthouse is undoubtedly the most restored.

Artwork of the lighthouse, pictured from posterlounge

The set recreates a classic looking Lighthouse, often seen around the World protecting sea fairing folk from the dangerous rocks and coastline, complete with its iconic beam of light that circles the top of the building.

The tower keeper in the dark blue uniform restores the look of the 19th century Danish lighthouse tower keeper, and the dark green clothes are to coordinate the overall color matching of the suit.

Origin of the lighthouse

About 270 BC, Ptolemy II commissioned the Greek architect Sostratus of Nidos to build the world's first lighthouse on the eastern end of the island of Pharos, both to guide ships entering Alexandria The direction, in turn, can be a huge sign of the illustrious reputation of the revived Egyptian monarch. The lighthouse of Pharos thus became one of the seven wonders of the ancient world.

Ancient Rome, pictured from hakaimagazine

Since then, the ancient Romans have built a series of lighthouses, thus creating the earliest lighthouse network system. The oldest lighthouse in this system was built in AD 50 – a lighthouse in the port city of Ostia in Rome by order of the Roman Emperor Claudius.

The legendary lighthouse of Ostia

Since then, Arabs, Indians and Chinese have also learned this method to ensure the safety of ships at sea, and built lighthouses on their respective coastlines.

Inner Light Pagoda of Huaisheng Mosque in Guangzhou

In 1822, Augustine Fresnel invented a lens made of a ring-shaped prism, named Fresnel lens, which is characterized by being able to concentrate light more efficiently than a reflector or a huge convex mirror, so quickly It was applied to the lighthouse.

Fresnel lenses are also widely used in spotlights and most VR headsets today. LEGO officially moulded a Fresnel lens part in the set 21335 lighthouse.

21335 New Part Fresnel Lens in Lighthouse

Thanks to the invention of the Fresnel lens, from the end of the 18th century to the 19th century, there were illuminators with reflectors, lens lighthouses, and electric lighthouses.

Since modern navigation equipment has become very advanced, the number of human-operated lighthouses has been greatly reduced, and there are currently only about 1,500 still operating lighthouses in the world.

But because of the invention of the lighthouse, at least a million ships have been saved in history.

Portland Point Lighthouse in Cape Elizabeth, Maine, USA, photo from

If there is no lighthouse to illuminate the last mile from danger, how many people will lose their precious lives, and globalization will be delayed for many years.

Later, in many works including philosophical sayings, the lighthouse is always used to illuminate the direction of life, and even given other more noble meanings, which shows its historical status.

16 LEGO Sets Including Lighthouses

1. #4194 Whitecap Bay

The 2011 Pirates of the Caribbean set 4194 Whitecap features a dark gray lighthouse in a medieval style. This set has 726 pieces and 6 minifigures. Two of the mermaid figures are mermaids corresponding to the adventure plot of Whitecap Bay in the movie "Pirates of the Caribbean 4: Stranger Tides".

This lighthouse is able to emit light, mainly using Lego magnifying glass (No. 30152) to simulate the lens, and 2*3 orange-yellow light-emitting bricks (No. 54930c02) for light.

2. #5770 Lighthouse Island

In the Creative Variety Master series, which was also launched in 2011, the 5770 Lighthouse Island also has a lighthouse, but it is red and white. This set has 514 parts, 1 minifigure. 5770 Lighthouse Island uses the same glowing bricks as 4194 Whitecap Bay, so it can also glow.

One thing this set is very similar to IDEAS' new 21335 lighthouse is that there is a silver sticker for reflection in this set.

5770 Lighthouse Island Sticker: 5770stk01

3. #75903 Haunted Lighthouse

In Scooby-Doo's 2015 set 75903 The Haunted Lighthouse, there is a red and white lighthouse, and of course the name of the set will tell you what it is. This set has 473 parts with 4 minifigures and a seated Scooby-Doo (No.: 20690PB01c02)

It's a pity that the lighthouse in this set doesn't glow for the simple reason that there are no glowing bricks.

The grid on the lampshade is an interesting transparent sticker, similar to a PNG vector. Such stickers are rare in today's suits.

75903 Sticker in Haunted Lighthouse: 75903stk01

4. #70431 黑暗灯塔

In this Hidden Side Collection 70431 Dark Lighthouse there is a lighthouse building in a white and dark green color scheme. The set has 515 pieces and 5 minifigures.

It is a pity that the beacon lights of the 70431 Dark Beacon can't light up either.

5. #41380 Lighthouse Rescue Centre

This set 41380 Lighthouse Rescue Center is from the Best Friends series, with 591 parts and 2 minifigures, and will be available in 2019. The set includes a lighthouse in white and coral red.

The 41380 set includes a 54930c02 luminous brick, so it can emit light.

6. #70594 Lighthouse Defense

This 2016 Ninjago set 70594 Lighthouse Defense also has a lighthouse in ancient Chinese architectural style, the main body is dark red and gray, and the top is tiles made of black parts. There are a whopping 719 pieces and 8 minifigures in this set.

The 70594 set also includes a 54930c02 luminous brick, so it can emit light.

7. #31015 Lighthouse Point

This creative master series 3-in-1 set 2016's 31015 Lighthouse Point also has a red and white lighthouse, the set has 520 parts and 2 minifigures.

The 31015 set also includes a 54930c02 luminous brick, so it can emit light.

8. #30023 Giveaway Lighthouse (Bag)

The 30023 Lighthouse in this 2011 Creative Masters Giveaway Bag features a small red and white lighthouse with 25 parts. This set has no luminous bricks so it can't be lit.

9. #41094 Heartlake Island Lighthouse

The 41094 Heart Lake Island Lighthouse, which was launched in 2015, also has a lighthouse with a white and pink color scheme. The set has 463 pieces and 2 minifigures. The set has no glowing bricks and the beacon cannot be lit.

10. #60274 Elite Police Lighthouse Chase

In the 60274 Elite Police Lighthouse Chase of this 2020 urban series, there is a small lighthouse in red and white, and the editor seems to have a small scale. The set has 181 pieces, 2 minifigures and 1 shark. Also, the set does not have glow bricks and cannot glow.

11. #60308 Seaside Police and Fire Missions

In this 2021 Urban Collection set 60308 Coastal Police and Fire Mission, there is a blue-white-yellow lighthouse. The set has 278 pieces, 3 minifigures and 1 shark.

There is also no light-emitting brick here, nor can it emit light. The position of the navigation light of the lighthouse has also been transformed into a monitoring room? Possibly an office?

12. #60109 Fireboat

In the 60109 fireboat set from the 2016 urban series, there is a red and white lighthouse, which is interestingly still on fire. The set has 386 pieces and 5 minifigures. You can't glow without glowing bricks.

13. #60166 Heavy Rescue Helicopter

In this 2017 Urban Series Package 60166 Heavy Rescue Helicopter, there is a miniature version of the red and white lighthouse. The set has 394 pieces and 4 minifigures, and also no glow bricks.

14. #21310 Old Fishing House

This IDEAS series set 21310, which was launched in 2017, also has a lighthouse in the old fishing house. Maybe you are wondering where is the lighthouse? In fact, the olive green tower next to the fishing house is a lighthouse.

This set has 2033 pieces, 4 minifigures and 3 seagulls. The set does not contain glowing bricks so it will not glow.

15. #60130 监狱岛

In this set 60130 Prison Island from the 2016 Urban Collection, there is a white beacon that blends into the prison. The set has 721 pieces and 8 minifigures.

16. #7739 Coast Guard Patrol Boats and Control Towers

In this 2008 Urban Collection Set 7739 Coast Guard Patrol Boat and Tower, there is an orange and white lighthouse and a mini red and white lighthouse. The set has 428 pieces and 4 minifigures.

Interestingly, this set has a 16*16 shaped base plate part number 53588pb01.

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