Lego takes you back to childhood

How long have you been without imagination when you grow up? When I was a child, I could make up a fairy tale when I saw the clouds in the sky, and when I saw the ants on the side of the road, I could squat down and watch for a day. How long has it been since you did such a boring thing? Lego's "The Damp Knight's tale" is a dream back to childhood. A knight and a pile of piles can open up their minds and play happily for a day. The illogical and imaginative ideas make adults tsk tsk tsk tsk.

 In a small town, a medieval knight wanted to go across the river. The journey was not always smooth sailing. The armor was too heavy and the boat was crushed, and the aircraft and swimming ring were damaged. He fell directly into the water and was salvaged ashore by the villagers in the small town, how embarrassing he was.

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 Seeing the plight of the knights, the people in the town gave money and strength, gathered their respective skills and ideas, took out various items of their own, and used a variety of materials to build a bridge for the knights.

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 Did you think it was successful? No, our unfortunate knight still did not escape the "wet" fate, and near the end, the knight's cumbersome armor crushed the bridge again.

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 As the knight stepped on the bridge and fell into the river, the advertisement suddenly brought the camera back to reality. It turned out that the whole story and the solution to the challenge were imagined by a few Lego children. We often have to admire the imagination of children. power and creativity.

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 In the material world of adults, the stories in fairy tales are all deceptive. This should be the ending of a be, just yearning for the other side of the world, there is no need to make yourself embarrassed. But in the world of "human cubs", only through setbacks can we reach the end of happiness. All kinds of fairy tales are the protagonists who go through hardships and finally live a happy life with everyone's blessing.

If you fail 100 times, try 101 more times! Finally, our knight finally reached the other side. Then why did the knight who had experienced hardships cross the river? Oh, it turns out that his little friend Bear is waiting for him to play the seesaw!

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 The fun of children is always so simple and unpretentious, but how can there be so much thrilling in life, every day is to go to the agreement of the bear, go through a series of hurdles, and achieve a small achievement.

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